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> Trance Energy 08 Warm Up Mix by Sied van Riel, Sied van riel...interview
mesaj 18/02/2008, 16:32
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URTranceZone's very own Toma interviews Dutch sensation Sied van Riel and has a few questions to ask before Sied's HUGE performance at This years Trance Energy Future Stage this Saturday
Feb 23, 2008

URT: What are your thoughts on the whole DJ Mag poll??

SvR: They have been here for years and i hope they will continue to stay here with that list.The rigging however... I think it?s good dj mag published it... it shows they are watching and it probably keeps others from doing it. The one who gets caught doing it next year would be the stupidest a-hole i would have ever seen J Armin made it to nr 1 well deserved.. and i wouldn?t know how this years voting would end up. My glass ball aint what it used to be anymore. But it would be cool to see Ferry taking pole position....

URT: Who (and why) are the biggest influences on your style of music?

SvR: My main influence is MY life. I try to express myself in my music. Which can be totaly different each time but always has a certain deep/warm driving feel. I use other peoples music to motivate me to go into the studio at any given time.. but i try not to be influenced to much by it as im trying to create my own little thing.

I do tend to listen to 80s / 90s music when i am in the studio and before i start to bash my synths..... to get into a certain mood... it variates from Bell Biv Devoe to Pet Shop Boys or Nirvana ..totaly depends on my mood and the stuff i want to do..

URT: You are playing at this years Trance Energy, firstly can I say congratulations on a well deserved place on the line up!! How did invitation arrive?
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SvR: Thank you very much. Let me tell you how it went down. I was in my studio working on a remix. When i got THE call... it was my management telling i?d just been confirmed for Trance Energy.Casa del van Riel was on fire i?ll tell you that. I didn't even knew they had placed an option.

URT: So what are your plans looking like for the big weekend at TE 2008?

SvR: I?ll probably attend a party the day before TE in Utrecht. Alot of guys are playing there including Cliff Coenraad, Galen Behr and Carl B... after that i?ll end up in my hotelroom... Next day i?ll be meeting up with people who fly in from Finland,Lithuania,Turkey, America etc . people i know through i-net.. after that it?s time for some interviews i think or something like that.. and dinner then i?ll shower for 1 hour atleast. Spray on my eau du toillette do my DO and head of to PARTEE ..o/ o/....when i think of it.. man i can?t waith !! o/ o/

URT: What is your all time favorite trance anthem, and why??

SvR: I have a few i realy love.... Tiesto?s remix of Silence.. because it?s one hell of a remix !!...Sasha?s Expander ...and Armin?s remix and the Deep Dish Remix of Rapture.... nuff said right ? Ferry?s Beautifull was just added and there is more... but you asked for 1 and i already gave you a list =)

Download :

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1 Progression - Different day, Different Light ( Re-ward remix ) Blackhole
2 Phynn - Starfire at night ( andy duguid remix ) Blackhole
3 ID - ID
4 Kasper Koman &
Ruslan B - Dangarous ( sied van riel remix ) Lyon Echo
5 First State - your own way (First states pounding club mix ) Blackhole
6 Carlo Resoort - visa versa (original mix) Spinnin'
7 Lange - Songless ( club mix ) Maelstrom
8 Jonathans Landossa - Tronik Dancer (original mix ) Cd-r
9 Bolier & Van Riel - Malibeer ( original mix ) liquid / Spinnin'
10 Saint Rush - Burning Red Skies ( original mix ) Bonzai

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mesaj 19/02/2008, 13:08
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mesaj 21/02/2008, 11:15
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fonzerelli kardeşim teşekkür ettim.. direkt siteye gidip konusunu bulup okudum eleman 12-13 yaşlarında beltdrive TT ile başlamış . işte avrupalı gençliğin elindeki süper doğal şanslardan bir tanesi nerde bizde bu ülkede böyle şans
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mesaj 21/02/2008, 11:16
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TR-ance: For those that have not heard of you, can you give us a little background on who you are?

Sied: Well. i'm sied van riel, 28 years old.. from Rotterdam the netherlands... started dj-ing when i was about 13.. ( bedroom dj ) .. became dutch champion at the age of 17.. that was really cool by the way ...
started producing a couple of years ago, and the last 5 months have been really awesome as to my productions...
my debut "Fearless" was a succes, wich was released on subtraxx .. and my follow up My Dreams is now storming dancefloors on Promo. with remixes of Miika Kuisma and Joost van der Vleuten ( aka seven senses ).... ow by the way.. i'm like happely NOT married with monique for almost 10 years now

TR-ance: Your influences and idols? What other DJ´s or Producers do you admire? Who are some of your favorite artists?

Sied: influences... well .. life as i live it is one big influence to me... people i meet, people i talk to, things i see, hear and feel during my "daily" life are the biggest influences to me and my music... as to dj's and stuff.. I've been following Tiësto for years now, ever since he was working at a loca records store in Rotterdam till today.. and i really admire him as a dj/producer

My favorite artists .. Miika Kuisma. who's also a good friend of mine, he's really like looking forward with this productions, trying out new stuff, im also a huge fan of Ferry Corsten... he's a really good producer.. i like his sounds alot.. and Above & Beyond .... those three are really cool people, play great music and make great music aswell

TR-ance: Should producers, who are famous for their producing get booked by the big clubs to do dj sets regardless of their djing talents?

Sied: Well this is a good question, im gonna take my time to answer this one
i've seen alot of great producers spinning records... some people are just better in the studio then to play records... making a mix is different then to making a track. Everybody can bpm match 2 records and make mix.. but pulling of a great build up and creating an atmosphere is more difficult then most people think..
in the studio you can take your time to get that atmosphere in your tracks, you can listen for weeks if needed... and create that thing you want.. that different when you're behind the decks infront of a crowd wich has certain expectations

TR-ance: how did you make your breakthrough - did you get some whites pressed and send them to dj's? did you push demos to record companies? or was it something else. what advice could you give to producers who are trying to get their stuff heard?

Sied: Well when i made "Fearless" ( i did that track in 1 day !! ).. i was talking to Miika on msn.. and told him .. listen to this.. and he was like "i gotta have this track now !!".. and i was like.. well okay .. it was pretty simple, and at the same time overwhelming because everybody was playing that track and emailing me about how good the trackwas.. really strange at first .but very cool. i
till now i've never send a demo to a label, or tried to release it myself.. i've been asked for alot of remix work now, and my second solo thing was like signed within 20 minutes after finishing again thru msn to Arctic Quest's Expedition Music...
my advice to talented producers, well the smartest thing to do is like.. burn a cd with 4 tracks or so, try to get in touch with a well known dj thru friends and let them listen to it, let them play it.. now a days you have websites like My Space wich is awesome to promote your own material.. so myspace is a good way of getting out there aswell.. make a lot friends and show them your work.
you can also send demo's to recording labels but the experience with that is that most of the time it take ages before getting an answer so i would say.
find that dj, or My space !!

TR-ance: how has clubbing changed since 1999 and subsequently through the peaks and troughs of trance

Sied: well, the thing now a days is like..... people look for the hype.. is the club big and popular, are the dj's well known, .. i remember a long time ago me and my friends going to parties where NO big dj's would play and we'de here the best music all night long.. those parties are very rear now.. but the main thing still remains the same. Clubbin' is going out with friends, listen to great music
and have alot of fun with by listening to your favorite music and seeing "your" fav. dj's play

TR-ance: And my last question is a bit fancy.. if you could play an alien one trance record to explain to them how it should sound, what would you play for them?

Sied: that's an easy question... Above & beyond - No one on earth ( gabriel & dresden remix ) .... i think they would like it alot because it's about them

TR-ance: lol nice answer, ty mate, see you in istanbul!
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