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> Talla2XLC Birthday Bash & Technoclub Vol.32 Release Party, 12 Mart 2010 @ U60311 Frankfurt
mesaj 12/03/2010, 16:35
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Talla 2XLC
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Jorn van Deynhoven
Mr. Sam
Gai Barone
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Steven Liquid
Mike Aurel
Para X
Nicolas V.

Technoclub konseptinin yaratıcısı Talla 2XLC'nin doğum günü ve 32. Technoclub Compilation Albüm lansmanı için U60311 club'da bu akşam parti düzenleniyor. Line-up internasyonel olmuş isimlerde parti konseptide sağlam gözüküyor yakınlarda olan varsa kaçırmasın.97 den beri çıkan Technoclub serisi olsun, frankfurt trance ismiyle anılan ekol olsun,Talla2XLC'nin trance müziğe katkısı yadsınamaz.Bugüne kadar Technoclub konseptini görmeye fırsatım olmamıştı o açıdan heyecanlıyım.
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mesaj 12/03/2010, 17:24
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Bu arada Jorn van Deynhoven'ın bir röportajını koyuyorum.

We thought it was time we caught up with Jorn van Deynhoven who made a huge impact on the trance scene last year with some stunning productions and is due to play at Talla 2XLC's huge birthday bash at the Technoclub next week...

Since his outstanding remix of RAM's RAMsterdam last year its been a packed schedule for Jorn van Deynhoven with his remix talents in popular demand. That remix may have been the first many people might have heard of Jorn but he has been around on the production scene for a few years before. One of his first remixes came with a track by Hemstock & Jennings back in 2005 with 'Santiago'. The Dutch born producer has been on the rise ever since he won an ATB remix competition in 2007 for his rendition of 'Desperate Religion'. He has had nothing gifted to him by any means and is one of the busiest trance producers around at the moment with a unique uplifting style to his energetic productions.

He is due to play at Talla 2XLC's Technoclub birthday bash next week with the night being the launch of the 32'nd edition of the Technoclub's compilation series mixed by Simon Patterson and Talla 2XLC, the first disc being a full on mix from tall himself. The night will also be the official launch party for the album. Ahead of all of that we went to find out a little background information on one of the hot properties within the trance scene at the moment.

i:Vibes: Thanks for taking some time to talk to technoclub.tc and ivibes.nu. You are from Amsterdam, Holland. What was the deciding moment where you knew that you wanted to be a part of EDM?

Jorn: Hi Miles. Thanks for your invitation. The decisive moment was when I played the game “To be on Top” on my old Commodore C64. This game was really fascinating. It was about creating sounds and simple melodies and presenting them to an audience. At that time it was an absolutely fantastic game by Chris Hülsbeck. First I started recording titles that were produced with a C64 in order to listen to them in my free time. Later I got interested in how these sounds were produced,…..so I started composing my own music.

i:Vibes: Who were your early musical inspirations?

Jorn: Don't laugh, but it was the first computer game tracks of ’Commando’, ‘International Karate’ (music also known as ‘Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence’). I also liked the music of ‘Turricane’ or 'The Great Giana Sisters' and some other compositions of Chris Hülsbeck who was a genius and sound wizard for me in those days. And by the way, if you mean ‘Zombie Nation’ is an original composition, then check the Commodore 64 game music of ‘Lazy Jones’.

i:Vibes: When did you start with trance music?

Jorn: To listen or to produce? To listen from the early 90's. I think it was in 1994. Eye Q Records & Harthouse (Sven Väth's label) was my favourite label. Regarding music production it’s quite difficult to say because I already started when I was young and became more and more professional.

i:Vibes: How established were you as an artist before you had won the ATB remix contest for “Desperate Religion?

Jorn: I did only a mix for UK based Producers Hemstock & Jennings and worked currently with my partner for Blank & Jones on a rework for their smash hit 'The Hardest Heart 2008'. The ATB MySpace Remix Contest was a very big spring-board for my current success. I have to thank André Tanneberger and his crew for their very good choice.

i:Vibes: When you finished your remix for ATB, did you think that you had a realistic chance of winning? What made your remix so special?

Jorn: To be honest, i didn't know it. I worked on a track for Blank & Jones at this time and saw on a forum Andre`s Remix Contest. I heard the vocals and was flashed. I considered 2 days about it and thought, ok let's do it.

i:Vibes: What inspiring words did ATB have for you after you won his remix contest?

Jorn: He sent me a nice ‘personal’ message over MySpace and I was very proud of what he wrote me.

i:Vibes: Since the remix contest, you have had a huge run releasing successful tracks. Do you have a lot of pressure now to keep producing hits?

Jorn: Not since ATB's remix contest, even more since the RAMsterdam release. I got only in the last months (February 2010) over 17 remix requests in only 10 days. I understand when the people expect from me one remix bomb or production after another, but in the first line I produce music to bring a good feeling on the dance floor and not to make hits. What is a hit? A hit is made by the people, not by me.

i:Vibes: You started making remixes before making own productions and landed hit after hit for artists like Andain, Dash Berlin, Jan Johnston, Roger Shah, Hemstock & Jennings as well as Blank & Jones. Did you continue making remixes not changing a winning formula?

Jorn: This is not quite right. I did first my own single, after that Les Hemstock came to me and asked me to do a remix for their new single. Only then the remix requests arrived. To your second question: No.

i:Vibes: Your remix for Talla 2XLC “Terra Australis” is really beautiful. What was the most difficult thing you had to do to get this remix perfect?

Jorn: This track was not difficult to remix, because Talla gave me a wonderful basis and I recreated it with my own sounds. I changed the melody a little bit and made it fit for the clubs.
Effective working time: 3 days.

i:Vibes: In 2009, you produced Ramsterdam with Dutch artist Ram. It became one of the biggest trance tracks in 2009 which was released on Armada and was promoted heavily by Armin van Buuren. How did this cooperation with Ram come apart? How was the studio work with Ram?

Jorn: I met RAM in a studio of a friend of mine. We talked about productions and some nice Dutch parties and we both felt that we talked on a same level. After some phone call we decide to produce a single together. He passed me some nice ideas and we tried it out. We did first the JvD Remix and 2 months later the original mix. I remember that I got over 8 label requests from a-list labels, but at the end Armada Music won with a brilliant concept and a good deal. The rest is history.

i:Vibes: Your remix for Chapter XJ, “Resurrection“ is a very beautiful piece of music. Is hard for you to find or create the right melodies or does it come easy to you?

Jorn: It comes easy. I heard Jan's (Chapter XJ) original melody as rough version and I had visions how it sounds like in a JvD style. So, the result is well known.

i:Vibes: You show a lot of emotion in your music especially with “Ramsterdam”. What was your inspiration behind the track; a combination between Ram and Amsterdam?

Jorn: The inspiration was only to make a dance floor killer with a nice atmospheric break, not more. About the track name: I was looking for a right title and I talked with a friend of mine about creative names. RAM is living also in Amsterdam and after some funny jokes i invented the name RAMsterdam. It's in my opinion better as a title like 'The Sky, the Moon and the Earth' or? Everyone knows that track, when you say: RAMsterdam. This title is very outstanding.

i:Vibes: How do you work in the studio? One notices right away how clean your productions are. Obviously you don’t want to reveal your secrets, but do you have a certain way how you work in the studio? Some producers find an atmosphere or bassline while others find a groove. How do you do it?

Jorn: Fiddle, fiddle, fiddle. I can tell you one important thing: Try to study on SAE Institute (School of Audio Engineering) and you will learn the best skills from professional musicians.

i:Vibes: What productions can we await from you in the future?

Jorn: I’ve done in the last few weeks some nice 'own' singles. Yeah, own singles. The problem is that I got very nice remix offers in the past, that I didn't found time to spend my time on own tracks. At the end of 2009 I took a remix request stop and worked on my own music. The first single will be released soon on Armada Music in March. This track is a wonderful collaboration with Susana and Raz Nitzan. This track will be released first on Susana's brand new debut album, and after that Armada plans a full release of this single separate with club mixes. I done an other 'own' single, which will be released in the next weeks and another single with trance mastermind Manuel Le Saux from Italy and of course the new RAM single is also in the pipeline. And don’t forget the remixes of Ronski Speed, Thomas Bronzwaer, Sindre Eide.

i:Vibes: You will be making your debut in the Technoclub in March for the birthday of Talla 2xlc and release of the new Technoclub Vol 32. How much are you looking forward to this night?

Jorn: It's a great pleasure for me to play for Talla and his event-series. Talla asked me in December to play on his 25 years Technoclub event, but I had a booking in Rotterdam at this time. I was very sad about. But some days later he invited me to play in march on his birthday party. I fixed that and was happy again. I have two days earlier my b-day and i think I will have a nice party at this date.

i:Vibes: When you hear the name Talla 2XLC, what is the first thing that comes into your mind?

Jorn: I know Talla as name since years. He's the only person who stands over years complete to his sound. He's a legend, and the peoples know that. The best thing is, i saw Talla in 2009 at Trance Energy in Utrecht, NL. I was there with RAM, cause he played in the same Area. I stood 1 metre behind him, cause Talla played a massive set on that event and I was to shy to tell him 'hello' I am Jorn, cause he signed a remix from me 1 year before from Majai - Phoria, which came out on his label. I am not a person to tell everyone what I do, or what I am. I let the time flow and one day we see us all in heaven or in Frankfurt's Technoclub.

i:Vibes: How important has Talla 2XLC been to EDM?

Jorn: He's one of the persons who created the EDM Scene worldwide. End of the comment.

i:Vibes: What is your favourite Talla 2XLC track?

Jorn: Talla 2XLC vs. Sean Tyas - Heart to Heart

i:Vibes: What can we expect in a three hour DJ set from you? What surprises will you have in store for the Technoclub?

Jorn: 3 hours? Wow, that’s new for me. I will play pure energetic uplifting tracks to slash the peoples over and over again. I will play also some new tracks which I produced in the last time.

i:Vibes: What would a Talla 2XLC/Jorn Van Deynhoven production sound like?

Jorn: Kick, hi-hat, snare, drums, percussions, strings, melody, atmosphere,... etc

i:Vibes: With what artist would you like to be locked away in the studio with for 24 hours?

Jorn: Hans Zimmer (Hollywood Movie Composer)

i:Vibes: What are your five all time favourite tracks?

Jorn: 01. The Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (Original Mix) [Jumpin' & Pumpin'] [1991]
02. William Orbit - Water from a vine leaf (Xylem Flow Mix) [Guerilla Records] [1993]
03. Jam & Spoon - Stella (Original Mix) [Sony Music] [1992]
04. Cosmic Baby - The Space Track [MFS] [1992]
05. Sven Väth - L' Esperanza (Visions of Shiva Mix) [Warner] [1993]

i:Vibes: What are your hobbies?

Jorn: Playing sometimes online 'Trackmania United'

i:Vibes: What three things would you take to a deserted island?

Jorn: I don't want to be on a desert island.

i:Vibes: Thanks Jorn for the chat! We are looking forward to seeing you in the Technoclub!!

Jorn: Thank you to, Miles. On this day, we will call it Tranceclub.
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mesaj 14/03/2010, 1:47
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Babama gidip şimdi kafayı gömmek istiyorum ne işin vardıda gedlin bu tr'ye frankfurta yakın yaşıyorduk .. hep onun yüzünden hiç birine gidemiyorum..
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mesaj 15/03/2010, 3:10
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Öncelikle mekandan bahsedeyim.Metro girişi gibi girilen caddenin altında bir mekan u60311.Tavan basık tam bir underground havası var. Fazla bir ışıklandırmaya gidilmemiş ekstradan bir lazer vardı. Ses sistemi çok vasat iyi bir ses yakalayabilmek için lokasyon belirlemeniz gerekiyor. Müzik çalınan üç bölümü var.Üçüncü bölüm tuvaletlerin girişi orda dj ve dans eden insanlar görmek ilginç bir görüntüydü.

Müziğe gelince üç bölümdede envai çeşit trance çalınıyordu.Commercial dan oldschool'a hard dan uplifting'e kadar trance dinlemek mümkündü. Gecenin en iyi setini tempoyu bir an olsun düşürmeyen uyumlu bir up & hard lifting set çıkaran Simon Patterson oldu.Mr.Sam'i takım elbisesiyle dj kabininde görmek de ilginç bir ayrıntıydı hiç riske girmedi bilindik parçaları çaldı.Talla2Xlc de pure trance çaldı kapanış parçasına bayıldım.

İnsanlara gelince mekanın underground havasındanmıdır ilginç bir kitleydi ne çok kalabalık ne de boştu. Almayanın çeşitli kentlerinden gelmiş hasta trance severler, technoclub, addicted to trance tshirtli insanlar ile beraber dans edişleri bile farklı bir kitlede vardı içerde.Faruk Sabancı ve Scot Project ile tanıştım.

Genel olarak başarılı bulduğumu söyleyemicem bunda en büyük etken vasat ses sistemiydi ve de hollandaya alışmış bir bünye olarak almanyanın veya mekanın bana farklı gelmesiydi.Ertesi gün intuition winter festival'ede gittiğim için farkı çok net görebildim.
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