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> Sebastian Brandt, Daha 18 Yaşında:)
mesaj 4/05/2007, 20:40
İleti #1


Katılım : 5/11/2004
Üye no : 1967

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Sebastian Brandt could already be a legend in electronic dance music, despite his young age as 18.

Being one of the minds behind the biggest trance track in 2006 (Voted by the people!) with "Selu Vibra - Divine" and the fantastic summer smasher "Under Sun - Capoeira" No more needed to say. He is the trance scene’s most young successful producer of all time.

Sebastian recalls "I remember a few years ago when I was 15 years old and had nothing, now I have everything and more then I could ever image, dj gigs around the world, support from the biggest dj’s and a lot less free time..."

Playing for the biggest promotes in Scandinavia has made him to one of the most popular dj´s in Scandinavia and the word is starting to spread around the world. With a blended fusion between the best of techy minimal to uplifting trance, he´s about to please most of the ears in any club around the world. Sebastian says "I think my strength behind the decks is not that I’m very good mixer, but the fact that I have so many genre’s to choose from and still being able to play my sound, its a shame so many dj’s lock themselves into one genre when you can take the best from every genre and mix it together... but of course, you have to do this with style right wink.gif "

With a wide range of qualities, Sebastian doesn’t become "Yet another trance dj that plays the same old stuff that everybody else does". With Sebastian, you get the full package: A young world wide recon talent with the biggest trance hits, blending sets, and of course the most important one, a man who can create a grave yard into a raving bedlam!

If you haven’t heard him, we think it’s about time you did....!

Bazı Djlerin Sebastian Hakkındaki Yorumları

"Sebastian is one of scandinavias most influencal producers with bangers like 'Divine', 'Stargazing' and our precious 'Capoeira' plus
a box full of high profile remixes! He is definately going to be one of the biggest names in the scene in a couple of years"
- Marcus Schössow

"One of the most promising and talented guys in the scene right now is definetly young swede
Sebastian Brandt. Besides putting out great stuff with Selu Vibra he's also a great DJ
and producer on his own. Someone to keep your eye on in the future!"
- Joni Ljungqvist

"Sebastian did a massive breakthrough in 2005-2006, and he's growing bigger and better in the industry !
amazing stuff, I enjoy his music"
- Maor Levi

"As one of the strongest upcoming Swedish artists in the trance scene, Brandt is about to set lots of more floors on fire in the future!"
- Jonas Steur

"Sebastian is one of the best producers in Europe when it comes to electronic music. His wide knowledge in all the sub-genres and his technical skills never stop to amaze me. His ability to adapt and learn quickly will make him one of the best producers in the world soon. Everyone would like to have a producing partner like him!"
- Ludvig Holm aka Algarve

“Sebastian has joined a new breed of young producers that are making an impact on todays electronic music scene. The work he does for Selu Vibra and Under Sun is amazing, 'Divine' and 'Capoeira' are two of the best tunes in 2006! Not only does his producing skills impress me but also his good mixing skills as a DJ.
Can't wait to bring Sebastian to Norway!”
-Cre8or, dj and promoter for the Norwegian club concept 'Under The Sun'

"Sebastian is responsible for great tracks over the past year with the
aliases Under Sun (together with Marcus Schossow) & Selu Vibra (with
Ludvig Holm) being the most prominent. This guy one of Sweden's finest
trance exports, so be sure to look out for him over the next coming years."
- Mike Shiver

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mesaj 4/05/2007, 20:42
İleti #2


Katılım : 5/11/2004
Üye no : 1967

Trancesound.Net Sitesindeki Röportajı

1. Please introduce Yourself to the TranceSound.net community and also tell us more about You as an artist and real Sebastian Brandt, the one behind the cover, the story behind the scene

Sebastian Brandt: My name is Sebastian Brandt and I am a producer, composer and a dj. I'm working with other producers/dj's/composers alot but also by my self under my own name. I live in a quite small city called Helsingborg in the south of Sweden. I have a girlfriend, Rebecca and I live for her, my friends and my music. Thats about it, really!

2. How many A.K.A.s are You using nowadays and how many projects You run, right at the moment, such as in, how many bands You`re a part of ?

Sebastian Brandt: I am currently in between some different projects. I have Selu Vibra with Ludvig Holm (also known as Algarve), Under Sun with Marcus Schössow (also known as Progresia), and offcourse my own name Sebastian Brandt! I am working on a new track with Safri Duo producer Michael Parsberg from Denmark. Some solo tracks are also in the making aswell as a new Selu Vibra production.

3. What`s the main part, such as, sound, effect, melodic line, bass and so on, You name it, that makes Sebastian Brandt unique ?

Sebastian Brandt: Well, many off my fellow producers often remind me of how good I am with basslines. Though I would never like to just choose one element, offcourse I like to stay open for all styles, to what comes in mind, and not stick to just one. Even if I really feel that I haven't proven it at all yet, my belief is that music should be alot about creativity.

4. How do You feel, that, day by day really good names and fresh new bands are rising, and with so many tunes out there, there is a similarity of 30-40% morelike... of all tracks out there ? Most of them.

Sebastian Brandt: Well I cant say that I am one of them, he he. I really feel that there is something revolutionary happening to all music at the moment really. Something new is comming.. but still, it feels like everyone is waiting for it to happen. I dont know why.. just feels that way!

5. Please tell me how Your studio look like hardware or software ?

Sebastian Brandt: I work with software only (Ableton Live), exept for my midikeyboard though I mostly use it for browsing sounds.

6. Any upcoming gigs that You would like to spread out the word about, that You`ll attend in the next 3 months ?

Sebastian Brandt: Im going with Marcus to Bratislava, Slovakia the 13th for a couple of gigs there. We are also playing in Oslo, Norway in febuary.. Some Selu Vibra and solo gigs are also beeing planned!

7. Have You even to a huge event ? and if that so... please explain the feeling, the atmosphere, their attitude and how the crowd reacts on Your style

Sebastian Brandt: Sorry to say but I havent done that yet

8. Please define Your style, and how long You attend to keep it this way without changing a thing in it cause most of the artists I know, they always tend to add something special in their style nowadays

Sebastian Brandt: Well, I cant really define what my style really is, or should be. Tricky question!

9. Have You ever done a B2B (back to back) with anyone from this year DjMag.com`s TOP10 ?

Sebastian Brandt: Nope

10. When and where was Your first club You ever went to in Your entire life ?

Sebastian Brandt: Bahnhof Bar, Ängelholm, Sweden. I think I was 13

11. Is Your musical background "coming" from a relative, from someone in Your familly ? as in... Did anyone gave You the ideea and the spirit to start it over, or You just did it Yourself ?

Sebastian Brandt: My dad used to be a dj when he was 16 or something. He also played the bass in some garageband. I think I got some talents genetically but the whole music thing came from my self in the beginning.

12. What`s Your oppinian about clubs out there ? Which one do You think it covers Your criteria about "the best club wordwide" ?

Sebastian Brandt: I havent been out there alot to be honest, since I just turned 18 last summer! Most of the events I have been on has been Marcus gigs or events we played at together.

13. How many years You attend to keep on giging and make Yourself a name and when do You ever think that You will "retire" being a mobile Dj ?

Sebastian Brandt: I intend to hang on to djing as long as I still want to offcourse.

14. As an end of this interview please say a few words to those fans out there

Sebastian Brandt: Thanks to all of you people who supports my music, and thanks for keeping the scene alive!

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mesaj 4/05/2007, 20:45
İleti #3


Katılım : 5/11/2004
Üye no : 1967



Sebastian Brandt -
Secret Staircase
Alter Ego Digital 2006

- Original Mental Mix
- Pressure Mix
- Algarve Remix

Sebastian Brandt -
Statement Recordings 2006

- Original Mix
- Peak Remix
- Steve Allen Remix

Under Sun -
A State Of Trance 2006

- Airbase Remix
- Maori Remix
- Hawk Remix

Under Sun Vs. Signum -
A State Of Trance TBA

- Original Mix
Sebastian Brandt Remix
- Affective Remix

Selu Vibra -
Somatic Sense Recordings 2006

- Original Mix
- 8 Wonders Remix
- Maori Remix
- Sebastian Brandt Remix
- Radio Mix

Selu Vibra -
Somatic Sense Recordings 2006

- Original Mix
- Funabashi Remix
- 3rd Moon Remix
- Carl B Remix
- Algarve Remix
- Sean Tyas Remix
- Radio Mix


Icone Pres. Blue Manta -
I feel Lost (Progresia Pres. Under Sun Remix)
Alter Ego Records 2006

Falkon & Nebula Feat. Sasja -
So Lost (Under Sun Remix)
Big Star Records 2006

Activa Vs. Matt Abbott -
Liquefaction (Under Sun Remix)
Somatic Sense Recordings 2006

Mike Shiver & Marc Damon -
Water Rippes (Under Sun Remix)
Captured Music 2006

Artı Olarak;(2007)

Sebastian Brandt-Technology
Sebastian Brandt-America
Under Sun-Captured(Sebastian Brandt remix)

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mesaj 4/05/2007, 21:28
İleti #4


Katılım : 21/07/2005
Üye no : 3617

Benim için her zaman takip edilesi isimlerin en başında gelen dj ve prodüktörlerden biri.! Özellikle Under Sun aliası altında yaptıkları ortada. Prodüksiyonları arasında Icone - I Feel Lost a yaptığı Remix all time fav larımdan biri. Ayrıca Secret Staircase parçasıda gerçekten takdire şayan, özellikle de Pressure Mix i.

Afterhours Fm de her hafta yayınlanan Sound of Scandinavia isimli programında yeni yeteneklere de yer veriyor ve gerçekten çok kaliteli prodüksiyonlar ortaya çıkıyor.

En son çalışması Captured ise bana göre yılın en iyilerinden olmaya aday. Kısacası bu genç yaşta yaptıkları ile gerçekten de biografisinde yazdığı gibi şimdiden bi efsane olma yolunda ilerliyor.

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mesaj 5/05/2007, 7:03
İleti #5

Grup Simge

Katılım : 18/01/2005
Üye no : 2452

Volition - Evolver 2007 (Selu Vibra Remix),, bu da çok iyi parça wink.gif
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mesaj 5/05/2007, 9:13
İleti #6


Katılım : 23/08/2006
Üye no : 8445

Under Sun - Captured (Signum Signal Remix) wub.gif

Kesinlikle bu yılın en iyileri arasındaki yerini çoktan aldı bence;

Ayrıca bu genç yeteneğin remixleri de övgüye değer çalışmalar. flowers.gif

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mesaj 5/05/2007, 9:59
İleti #7

20 gün uzaklaştırıldı

Katılım : 8/01/2005
Üye no : 2381

her parcasini begenmem ama,

Activa & Matt Abbott - Liquefaction (Under Sun Remix) [Somatic Sense/2006]

bambaskadir benim icin...
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mesaj 29/06/2007, 10:23
İleti #8


Katılım : 6/03/2006
Üye no : 6052

Cold Blue & Del Mar - 11 Days (Sebastian Brandt Rework) thumbsup.gif
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mesaj 29/06/2007, 13:34
İleti #9


Katılım : 18/07/2004
Üye no : 1534

TR-ance forum,Topic konusu full ingilizce :(Anlamıyorum sizi,bu konuyu acara da bir kez sölemiştim.Ndn ingilizce içerik veriyorsunuz arkadaşlar?Hanii forum full ingilizce biliyorsa ok de,bilse dahi burası türkçe içerik platformu değilmi?Yoksa ben mi yanlış biliyorum?
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mesaj 7/02/2008, 2:19
İleti #10

Aktif Üye

Katılım : 24/12/2007
Üye no : 15276

sebastian brant_mysteria thumbsup.gif Tarih yazmıs...
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